Saturday, 24 March 2012


The moon shines bright outside my window
It dances on the ocean
And comes increasingly into view with every passing moment
It does not hide
It is not shy
It walks out bold unashamed
As though daring the world to find fault in its apparent perfection

I want to be like that moon
I want to walk with my head held high
Not in pride but with certitude
Certitude that to the best of my ability
I have lived as I should
I have loved as I should
And knowing that when it was hardest
I walked away when it was the only right thing to do

I want to; I know I can
But I keep telling myself I have tried
Deceiving myself into believing trying and doing are somehow on the same plane
But I live in fear of being found out
I sit and wait knowing I’ll soon be caught out
I come alive in the shadows
All the while knowing I am truly dead
We exist only in hiding
Yet still pretending our souls are being fed

I want what I do behind closed doors not to fear the light of day
I want to live right on purpose
No matter how hard that makes my day
I want the me you see to really be me
I want to shine bright
Walk bold

Just like that moon.

©2009 TolulolaAgbelusi

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