Tuesday, 6 January 2015


I met him once.
He bore through my resistance
With a sun bright smile
Tackled laughter from clenched jaws
Made me feel sand grain light
With a dune strapped to my back.
He was spectacular.
Annoying at times 

with an endearing arrogance
I can only describe as odd.
A leader who took pride 

in a higher stride
He spoke only when necessary
and befriended intellect for fun.
He flew on my level
Didn't intimidate when my name consistently
sweetened the lips of excellence
Wore my successes like he earned them too
Making their lustre last twice as long.
When I let my thoughts flow with no filter
Spoke truth that hurt
He would shake his head
Tell me I was hard to love
Yet refuse to move .
I found him 

in moments of rare vulnerability
Where his tears unbuttoned emotions held captive
By some flawed idea of masculinity
It was in those moments my soul welded itself to his heart
In bonds I would always find hard to break.
Bonds made stronger in the knowledge that he saw me all
And loved me anyway through irritation and tears and laughter.
We spoke the same language.
Exactly What I needed, but alas
he was too much her husband to ever be mine.

©Tolulola Agbelusi 2014