Sunday, 8 April 2012


If they told me death was the destination
I’d turn around, find another way instead
If they said my blood would suffice
I’d renegotiate, everything has another price
If I could choose gain and just skip the pain
They won’t have to ask me twice

If I was God looking down
Would I really come down to this?
Beautiful people acting ugly
Transient emotions trapping freed people
Brothers killing brothers just for money
Prosperity preachers getting richer of the poor’s pocket money
I would not come down to this
But he did

Seeing the cross he kept going
Perceiving their thirst for blood
He was forgiving
Seeing me as I am
He was accepting
There was no negotiating
No relenting
He just took the pain
Said I was worth it as his gain

So my Easter is everyday
I know I can’t repay him
My Easter is everyday
I’m thanking God Jesus saved me.

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