Thursday, 15 March 2012


Is this the future?
Age 13 –convicted of Robbery he said
We used to be friends
Then his girl became my girl
And he started acting funny
Called me a prick
I didn’t get why he was so angry
But I know no one disrespects me
So to pay him back, I decided, I’ll rob him.

I can still see the milk in this boy’s face
As he recounted exploits that made my head race
I remember the look on his mother‘s face
When speaking of his victim, he said he shouldn’t get upset over a gyal, there are bare girls everywhere,
I can have whoever I want; it’s JUST a girl innit

Flanked by his mother on one side and his sister on the other
This little boy convinced of his manhood
Could not fathom the disrespect in treating their femininity as a commodity
He demanded respect in the same breath as he abused it
Failing to see that his concept of it was a falsehood
And BESIDES, to properly arrive at manhood
You had to allow room for childhood
But can I blame him,
When clearly someone reneged on fatherhood

Is this our future?
Age 14 – convicted of Assault
He called me an Irish ginger cunt
And I can’t take kindly to insults or people disrespecting me
So I set him on fire
No I don’t find that dire
I have no problems with anger
It provoked much laughter
He got what he deserved
Messing with a gangster

I was meant to ask probing questions
Speak words of wisdom
Provoke targeted self searching
But momentarily dumbfounded and sitting silently I wondered
When did a good punch up become outdated?
Setting someone alight or stabbing them up become highly rated
And any opportunity for common sense become frustrated
By egos too big for the bodies that they weigh down

Maybe it’s the age creeping up on me
Or maybe it just is what it is
But when I consider the exploits of this generation
Wonder dumbfounds me into hopelessness
As I ponder what aspect of apparent stupidity
Beguiles with such intensity
That they are converted to a religion
That promises only jail or death.

I ponder with every passing breath
Till Perspective breaks into my thoughts to remind me
This is the plague of humanity
Always in pursuit of an exaggerated sense of importance
We chase celebrity
Trying to be or be with the mighty
The young come in tow with errant individuality
Acting tough but betraying delicate sensitivity
Watching and copying as we devoid respect of its mutuality
Chasing misplaced goals with myopic intensity
Seeking contentment through the lenses of a world that never has enough
We make a mockery of our freedom
As though calling God’s bluff

So is it really a surprise
This proclivity for criminality
When looking all around
Our standards denote nothing but futility

If this is not to be our future
Then there must be a re-education
That takes foundation in you and me
Spreading its roots till it gains proliferation
In the youth of our generation
Infecting humanity with the disease of true liberation
So that understanding our equality
We strive for true community
so looking at the next generation
There won’t be a question
It will be just be statement
Affirmed with pride

©Tolulola Agbelusi 2012

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