Thursday, 20 September 2012


Those that know understand that life's been hard for me recently but now more than ever I am thankful for my blessings cus it can always be worse :). I did a workshop online that asked the participants to think about the worst time in their lives and how they got through it, then write a recipe for happiness. Here's what I came up with. Let me know what you think and by all means share if you like it.

When the sadness strikes
And you find yourself in the middle of a long dark tunnel
With a sudden hint of light
And you know without a shadow of a doubt
That that light is nothing other than another train coming to mow you over
Here’s my recipe for happiness

1. Laugh
Laugh out loud with a big belly laugh
Ignoring everything and everyone around you
Nothing is funny
But trust me it will heal you
So just laugh
Keep going until the madness sets in
And your body gives in
To numbness or to tears
One of them will surely set in.

2. Pray
Like your life depends on it
This is not a time for holy pretentious prayers
There is only one rule
You need to be real
Say what it is you are thinking
Shout, complain, express your anger
Remember to stay respectful
And make requests like you know
You are speaking to someone who is not bound by human limitations

3. Talk
But be careful about who you speak to
Avoid all those good intentioned friends
Who don’t understand or who require way too much explanation
The experience of talking to them will drain you
And their empathy will only frustrate you
So where possible just avoid them
Let them love you from afar
Find a friend in a similar situation
And talk about your woes until you can joke about life’s blows
And get lighter as the sharing momentarily eases your burdens

4. Fight
When that morning comes –
And you feel your world caving in
And your heart craves a dark lonely quiet corner
Or the height of a steep roof
When you feel your strength is waning
And you are about to give in

6. Remember, your story is not yet over

7. Take a break
Stand still,
And just let the world go by
Cry if you need to
Let your soul sigh
Defy those well-meaning fools
Who say sleep is for fools
Tell them sleep is one luxury you can still afford
Then go ahead and enjoy it

8. Wake up refreshed and determine to live on purpose
Remembering that struggles breed progress
And overcoming hardship makes for true success

9. Know who you are
Do not let your circumstances dictate your self perception
Remind yourself you were right when you dreamt you were made for greater
This is just a phase sent to build your character
This is just a phase; things are bound to get brighter

10. Repeat steps 1 to 9 in any order
And then Laugh, Pray, Laugh, Laugh, Pray,
And keep going
Until you see the light at the end of the tunnel
And you know that it IS your redemption

©Tolu Agbelusi

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