Tuesday, 21 August 2012


So I am at that age where everyone around me seems to be getting married or having babies. A sister friend of mine got married on Sunday (19.8.2012) and I was honoured to be asked to write and perform a poem at the wedding. For those who have asked where they can find it, here it is :) Oh if you like what you read, Join the site to keep updated

There shall be no disguising this love
Expressed through manly tears
And trembling petite hands
As rings embrace fingers
And I do’s are flung with vows towards heaven like confetti
As we enjoin in prayers that God catches them
And embraces you in his union so that yours does not fail
And you do not fall

Let time be kind to you
Engulfing you in the mind of this moment
Where feelings match reality and minds are free from torment
This moment where silent gazes shout sweet nothings
Like; you look as beautiful as the first day I saw you
and; I am so glad I found YOU
This moment where every memory breathes love
Till it becomes the lifeblood coursing through your veins
Making hearts pound
Till they race across the divide to catch each other
And begin to beat as one
Let time be kind to you and trap you in the mind of this moment

Take lessons from those who have gone before you
Remembering to choose wisely
Cus not everyone’s counsel is relevant
Or will suit you precisely

Assume nothing
Discern everything
Think in unison
But remember you are not telepathic
So speak always

Tell him
Tell him of your deepest fears
And of dreams that come only in daylight
Cus they make your subconscious scared
Tell him
Tell him when things aren’t going right
Even when he can’t fix them
Sharing will make the load light
And the light at the end of the tunnel brighter
So tell him
Tell him why you admire him
And when he asks you for the umpteenth time why you love him
You better tell him
Write a damn list if you have to but tell him
Say it often
Until the sound of your voice becomes like sticks beating his ear drums
Making his feet move to the sweet rhythm of your love played over and over again

Speak always
Remembering that feelings are not gender specific
Tell her
Tell her of fears you’d like to erase
Of scars
Of dreams
And of expectations that make you feel small
The touch of her hands will make you feel taller
So tell her
Tell her of times you have taken life’s blows in your stride
And times you cried
She will not question your manhood
She will only affirm it
So tell her
Speak often of love
Reciting the words to that well versed Hayley is the light of my world poem that I am yet to hear
Remembering days when eyes traced faces
And lips tried to speak but couldn’t
As throats clenched and then opened only enough
To let out the words you are my perfection

Speak often
But when anger comes
Let hearts speak in tongues that tongues cannot fathom
In silent moments that preserve
As moods subside
And anger resiles

And when friends tease you about being sprung
Admit it with pride
Tell them you can tell his mood from the stroke of his pen
Tell them you can feel her tears before her tear ducts release them
Tell them these are things you only learn when you are planning for eternity
Tell them how she is your very breath
And he your lungs
And when God blesses you with what can only be termed your perfection
Tell them the only way you will have it is sprung,

So live
And love like there is no tomorrow
And when tomorrow comes
find new ways to grow together
Shunning conflict and fighting indifference
Live, Laugh, Love, Trust
And pray that time will be kind to you

©ToluAgbelusi All Rights Reserved

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