Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Conversation with my 40 year old self

This month being December and all I thought I'd look forward 10 years and write a message to myself.

So tell me

Are you smiling now?
Taller from mountains of hope
That fuelled your growth

Are you happy now?
Toned from hurdling over obstacles
That incessantly stalked your path

Are you laughing now?
Brushing cheeks with the elusive ‘one day’
Finally visiting screaming good morning the storm is over

Do you have it now?
Success at the end of a very long lonely tunnel
That promised no end

Did he come?
Dimpled, big smile,
Tall and talking sense

Are you married now?
Mother, Lawyer, Poet
Crazy Superwoman that you always were

Has hindsight flown in happy?
Tickled past pains into non –existence
Does she still have you giggling now?

I wonder

Did you tell them?
Unleash tales of hurricanes that tossed your brown skin beige
And left you broken till God collected and mended the pieces

Did they wonder?
Whether your sanity absconded
Leaving you with wild tales that were far from real

Did you show them?
Reveal battle scars and make them realise
Your sanity strength was fired in long hardship

Are you smiling?
Are you laughing?
Did we make it?

Tell me.


  1. Very Powerful and very beautiful like the woman that wrote this - love it
    Shevonne H