Sunday, 26 February 2012

He made me feel

If, I could sing, I’d be up with a nice intro like
You made me feel,
You made me feel
You made me feel like a ...hmmm
I did say if, I could sing
That said he did make me feel

For the first time in a long time
I had a kiss that made my brain focus on nothing other than the kiss
My lips did nothing less than look for his
And we were inside but I swear
I felt a warm breeze

For the first time in years
I had a kiss that didn’t make me wonder why he was chewing on my bottom lip
Or how long I was going to stick with this
Or more important still
Why I felt nothing
Nothing inside, nothing outside
Kind of like somebody kept borrowing my lips for a game of kiss
And my body kept getting dragged along as if to be reminded of what is amiss

So yesterday when his lips met mine
It created a sensation leading to a realisation
That had to be uttered
HE made me feel.

I woke up this morning expecting to discover that it was all a dream
Dream turned nightmare as I realise I was simply a pawn in a game of self satisfaction
But I was happily disappointed with a smile
That prolonged yesterday’s sensations as again
He made me feel

Thing is, sometime between then and now,
My confidence seems to have gone amiss
It’s been days and not a word
I’m waiting for a call that will not come
And it’s starting to dawn on me
I rushed in with uncertain emotions
Without sparing a moment for the repercussions
Are we dating or were we just cavorting
How many days must I wait to have confirmation?
The message I sent last night still has no affirmation
Now I just feel stupid
Wondering what is my status
Wondering how to reclaim my emotions
Knowing I sold myself short
Feeling stupid
Unsure if this is what he made me feel

But if I am honest
I had a choice and those were my actions
Yes that night he did make me feel sweet sensations
But in future
I know not to give my all away
For just one fleeting moment
When he really makes me feel

©2012 by Tolu Agbelusi.  All Rights Reserved

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